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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sand Museum Revisited


While walking the Iwami 33 Kannon Pilgrimage I was able to revisit many places I had been before. There were of course some new things, like the new draincover at Nima.


The design shows a woman playing a Koto, a reference to the "singing" sands of nearby Kotogahama Beach.

Singing is a bit of a stretch!.... as you walk on the sand it squeaks a little. Of course, if you are familiar with Japanese pop music you may realize that there is little distinction between squeaking and singing.


Also in the manhole design are the glass pyramids of Nima Sand Museum, the local museum built to showcase the sand.


Designed by Nima-born architect Shin Takamatsu, the largest pyramid houses the biggest sand-timer in the world.


When I was there in mid December the lower part of the timer was almost full. It takes a full year for all the sand to fall through. At midnight on December 31st the timer is ceremoniously rotated 180 degrees to begin the cycle again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nima Sand Museum (inside)

Sand Museum9442

The centrepiece of Nima's sand museum is the largest sandtimer/hourglass in the world, 6 metres in height amd 1 metre wide, it contains more than 1 ton of sand that takes a year to flow through the narrow gap.

Sand Museum9429

Every New Years Eve the timer is lowered from its position high up in the main glass pyramid of the museum and invited guests turn it 180 degrees to begin a new year.

Sand Museum9422

Other than the sandtimer there is not actually a lot to see at the museum...... there are a few artworks using sand, and a collection of sands from around Japan, but not much else.

Sand Museum9443

The outside of the museum, designed by local architect Shin Takamatsu, is more interesting.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nima Sand Museum (outside)

Nima Sand Museum

Driving along Route 9 as it passes through the town of Nima one is struck by a strange site;- 6 glass and steel pyramids rising out of the hillside. This is the Nima Sand Museum.

Sand Museum9383

Nearby is Kotogahama beach, known for its "singing sand".... actually it just squeaks when you walk on it, but that was the inspiration for the museum. The building was designed by Shin Takamatsu, who was born in Nima. The tallest pyramid was designed to be tall enough to be seen from his mother's gravesite.

Sand Museum9364

The main pyramid houses the world's largest sand timer, and other than that there is little to see inside the museum.

Sand Museum9384

However, the museum was featured in a hit TV drama, and that has provided the impetus for many to visit it.