Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kotogahama Beach Sunset

Kotogahama is yet another of the fine beaches we have here in Iwami. It is located just before Niima. Like most of the beaches, there are few people. We went there to watch an evening concert in a small cafe on the beach.

The beach is home to "singing " sand that was the inspiration of the nearby Nima Sand Museum. Actually the sand squeaks as you walk on it, but if you have heard any J-Pop then you know singing and squeaking are synonymous.

Living as we do in a narrow valley, sunrise and sunset is not something available to us, so I spent a lot of time watching the sun go down.

Our friends cafe is called Chinakamame and is highly recommended if you are in the area during the summer.

The nearby sand museum devoted to sand and inspired by the sand of this beach was built by one of my favorite architects who is from the area. I recommend at least a visit to the outside.

While, in my opinion, the exhibits leave much to be desired, I do find the interior of the museum as photogenic as the outside, featuring, as it does, the world's largest sand timer

To see some more of the beaches of this area I suggest clicking Japan Sea Coast Walk

Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Fudo statues at Taikoiwa Fudoson


Along the path leading up to the giant cliff-carved Fudo Myo were dozens and dozens of other statues, a few of which were also Fudo....


Here are 6 of them.

Located on Mount Kurokami near Arita in Saga, it is about 400 meters altitude


The post is here


Monday, August 3, 2015

Okinawa World


Okinawa World is a theme park at the southern end of the main island. It is very touristy and really is only worth visiting for the Gyokusendo Cavern.


Lots of traditional houses and crafts etc plus music and food..... lots of ways to spend money


It was the first time I saw reference to Kijimuna, a small, red haired, forest sprite....


They also make Habushu, the alcoholic drink made with poisonous snakes....


There is a small museum that actually had some good exhibits.....

Ishigaki Sea Salt