Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nima Sand Museum (inside)

Sand Museum9442

The centrepiece of Nima's sand museum is the largest sandtimer/hourglass in the world, 6 metres in height amd 1 metre wide, it contains more than 1 ton of sand that takes a year to flow through the narrow gap.

Sand Museum9429

Every New Years Eve the timer is lowered from its position high up in the main glass pyramid of the museum and invited guests turn it 180 degrees to begin a new year.

Sand Museum9422

Other than the sandtimer there is not actually a lot to see at the museum...... there are a few artworks using sand, and a collection of sands from around Japan, but not much else.

Sand Museum9443

The outside of the museum, designed by local architect Shin Takamatsu, is more interesting.


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