Monday, August 25, 2008

Nima Sand Museum (outside)

Nima Sand Museum

Driving along Route 9 as it passes through the town of Nima one is struck by a strange site;- 6 glass and steel pyramids rising out of the hillside. This is the Nima Sand Museum.

Sand Museum9383

Nearby is Kotogahama beach, known for its "singing sand".... actually it just squeaks when you walk on it, but that was the inspiration for the museum. The building was designed by Shin Takamatsu, who was born in Nima. The tallest pyramid was designed to be tall enough to be seen from his mother's gravesite.

Sand Museum9364

The main pyramid houses the world's largest sand timer, and other than that there is little to see inside the museum.

Sand Museum9384

However, the museum was featured in a hit TV drama, and that has provided the impetus for many to visit it.


  1. I think you translated "nakisuna" as "singing sand". But I think "squeaking sand" is more adequate.
    Japanese would not feel "singing" from sand. Sometimes it is spelled as "泣き砂", or weeping sand.

  2. This was our last minute replacement, in place of the petrified tree. I think the building is more grabbing than watching the sand inside drop. Did you see the huge collection of sands collected annually from every location in Japan and beyond?

  3. more than a few Japanese websites translate it into English as "singing sand".... often in quotes.

    type Kotogahama singing sand into google and see..... :)


  4. It's so interesting to read your notes