Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hiraki Ki Shrine

Kirakiki Shrine, sometimes called Hirasaki Shrine was quite unexpected. I visited it around the middle of the 33rd day of the Kyushu Pilgrimage and was not expecting such a grand shrine in such a location, but apparently it was the ichinomiya of Satsuma.

No date for its founding, though it is believed it used to be located at the base of Kaimondake, the volcano not far to the south and to which the precincts line up. It last erupted in the late 9th Century.

Lots of vermillion and carvings. most of the buildings date back to the 18th Century. The main kami is said to be Amaterasu which would be why the chrysanthemum crest is on they torii.

There are 8 other kami listed for the main shrine, one of whom is Sarutahiko, and I don't remember coming across his name in this neck of the woods. It is a very popular shrine at all times of year. The real delight for me though was what I found in one of the buildings........


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