Saturday, April 18, 2020

Kitsuki Castle the Smallest Castle in Japan

Kitsuki Castle

Kitsuki Castle the Smallest Castle in Japan.

Claimed to be the smallest castle in Japan, Kitsuki castle is located in northern Kyushu in the town of Kitsuki in Oita.

Kitsuki Castle.

The keep is a mere three storeys, but the castle does occupy a strategic position on a headland overlooking the river and sea.

View of the castle.

A castle was built here in the late 14th Century by Kitsuki Yorinao, though it must be said that the Japanese definition of castle would in many cases be called s small fortification in English.

The keep.

I like Kitsuki. There is an excellent, well-preserved samurai district near the castle which I will post on later. The current keep is a modern reconstruction though they have made an effort to keep signs of modern times out of the grounds.

Autumn leaves.

Kabosu Juice From Oita Prefecture

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  1. Such great photos of a charming (can I say cute?) castle. More photos of Kitsuki please.