Sunday, April 26, 2020

Okayama Castle

Okayama Castle was constructed between 1573 to 1597 by the Ukita Clan. They were on the wrong side of the Battle of Sekigahara and so the castle passed briefly to the Kobayakawa Clan before coming under the control of the Ikeda Clan who held it until the abolition of the domains in 1869.

The castle's nickname was  Crow Castle because of its black exterior. The famous Himeji Castle not far away was likewise nicknamed "White Egret Castle".

The Asahi River was utilized as a moat on two sides of the castle.

Some of the roof decorations are gilded, but for its first few years all the roof tiles were  gilded earning it the nickname Golden Crow Castle.

This last photo is taken from Korakuen Garden which was built by the Ikeda.


  1. I live quite close to this place . . .
    Thanks for wonderful photos !

  2. While the castle is worth visiting, it should be noted the original structure was destroyed during World War II. What we see today is a reconstruction completed in the mid-1960's.

  3. I stayed at Sogenji Zen monastery in the late 1990's. Many Ikeda family members are buried in the cemetery there &there's a connection with the imperial family. The former emperor's sister was buried there a couple years ago when I friend was training there.