Sunday, April 5, 2020

Cherry Blossom Viewing 2020

Cherry blossom viewing, Ohanami in Japanese, has been going on recently, though with somewhat less of the usual drunken revelry found in big city parks. I personally prefer the plum blossoms, but I obviously lack the required amount of Yamato damashii. This first photo is what I see in my neighbors garden on my way to my garden each day.

While working in my garden I can see this line of trees alongside our little commuunity center. Behind the center is another line of cherry trees in bloom, a long line from there up to the main road, and a line of them in front of the shrine.

The hillsides in every direction are mottled with yamazakura with a range of tints from  white to the red of middle of the blossoms after the white petals have fallen off. These pointillist canvases I find far more appealing.

Of course when I return to my house, this is the view I have. I planted this cherry tree right in front of my door a couple of years after we moved in.

The blossoms in these last two photos are the most exciting for me though. The first photo is of my lima bean plants, and the second  my pea plants. These blossoms indicate that, barring any misfortune, I will soon have plenty of fresh, organic, delicious food to eat....

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