Monday, December 31, 2012

Kitsune of Shikoku


Statues of foxes, kitsune, are common throughout Japan, mostly as guardian messengers of the kami Inari, and as Inari shrines are the most common shrine in Japan (according to one counting method) it is not surprising that while walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage one encounters many fox statues. This first one, however, did not appear to be connected to any shrine and was just along the wayside not far from Aizen-in on the first days walk.


This small Inari hokora (wayside shrine) is just in front of the entrance to temple 10 Kirihata-ji


A peek inside another small hokora, this one at the entrance to temple 25, Shinso-ji


An Inari shrine within the grounds of temple 31, Chikurin-ji


These last two were at the Yosakoi Inari Shrine near the base of Kochi Castle.


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  1. That first one looks like a skittish coyote from the American southwest...