Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aki Nada Bridge


I started my walk along the Aki Nada Islands by crossing the Akinada Bridge from near Nigata in Hiroshima over to Shimokamagari island. The bridges website claims it is the 9th longest bridge in Japan. Its total length is 1,175 meters with a central span of 750 meters. It opened in 2000.


One of the cool things about walking these big bridges is that they are so high that they afford great views, as in this photo looking back to Nigata.


Where the bridge ends on Shimokamagari is a small park, Shirozaki-en with this strange sculpture.


A rough translation of its title is [life] soil fire knowledge sky water, and it is by the artist Imai Makimasa.


There is a male and female figure.... the male being the more "muscular" one. The base of the sculpture is composed of more than 3,500 tiles...


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