Friday, December 14, 2012

Fall Colors walk: Yaeyama Falls


Down below Yaeyama Shrine the valley leads up to Yaeyama Waterfall, a popular area even though it is remote. There is a big car park and plenty of picnic tables. To get to the waterfall is a 1.5k walk up the valley.


Everywhere I go this woman seems to be following me.....


There are numerous smaller falls along the way including this one in a narrow cleft in the rocks...


Lots of running water....


and some natural fall colors as opposed to the profusion of maple trhat had been planted at the lower end


The trail end at Yaeyama Falls.

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  1. Loads of people post photos of the maples this time of year, but few capture the vivid colors like you do.

    The fourth photo from the top looks a little like a demented panda.