Monday, December 17, 2012

Onomichi Temple Walk


Before I headed off on my walk to Shikoku along the Shimanami Kaido I spent the morning walking Onomichi's temple walk.


Though a relatively small town, Onomichi is home to 25 temples that, like the town itself, are mostly located on the steep hillside running down to the sea.


The route, only 2.5 k long, is easy to follow, especially with the free maps from the towns tourist information office. An easy half-day wander, mostly along narrow lanes and up and down steps.


As well as the temples, some of which are not particularly impressive, there are also a handful of shrines as well as other funky old buildings and other tourist sites.


There are also lots of nice views down over the town and across to Mukaishima across the narrow channel.

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  1. Onomichi is so beautiful. I went in spring. It was a nice view with all the cherry blossoms there. There were also a lot of cats.

    I still want to do the cycle tour from Onomichi to Imabari (Shikoku) some time! ^__^