Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nagi Moca, "Moon"

The Museum of Contemporary Art in the tiny town of Nagi in Okayama is a unique collaboration between architect and artist. The building entitled "Moon" is by architect Arata Isozaki and artist Kazuo Okazaki.


The name "Moon" refers to the orientation of the building, a long narrow shape composed of an arc and a straight line. The line points towards the moon at 10pm on the Autumnal Equinox.


The artwork is titled "Hisashi that which supplements" and is composed of 2 small sculptures on the flat wall and 2 curved granite benches along the curved wall.


It is a large minimal space filled with light. Hisashi is a Japanese word for eaves and refers to the sculptures which are made by pouring plaster so it overhangs an edge, and when dry is then hung on the wall.


The other two architectural installations that make up the museum are Earth, and Sun.


  1. FABULOUS photos! Composition... chapeau!
    Love the Japan through your lens. :)
    Bonjour! from Montreal.

  2. Nice looking photographs. When I was there it was during the occupation and Japan was trying to dig out of a hole. Nowadays they have surpassed us in almost every way.