Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nagi Moca: Sun

tott292 o

The third and final section of the unique museum in Nagi is called "Sun" and is basically a huge cylinder set on a north south axis.


The artwork contained within is titled "heart" and is by artists Shusuka Arakawa and Madeline Gins. Entry into the cylinder is via a small room underneath. The walls are covered with photographic portraits by local residents of Nagi. A dark, enclosed spiral staircase leads up....


The interior of the cylinder is somewhat disorienting and playful, and at first the bright light from the end makes everything a silhouette and not at all clear. As one walks up to the end and look back it all becomes clearer.


The room contains a model of the famous zen garden from Ryoan-ji in Kyoto but also includes a reflection of it with radial symmetry, not mirror symmetry.



  1. Huh! Fantastic! Stunning captures, as usual! And, thanks again! Hello from Montreal!

  2. This space looks amazing. I can imagine different things to put in there when I own this.