Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buddhas, Jizo, & other statues of Kunisaki 1


The Kunisaki peninsular is home to an uncountable number of buddhist statues, mostly made of stone.


Some are by the roadside, and some are in the grounds of temples, but many are at the sites frequented by Yamabushi, the mountain ascetics who lived and visited here.


Some are carved directly into the rock itself, but many are placed in the man-made caves that were used by the ascetics for their meditation practices.


There are a bewildering array of characters in the Buddhist pantheon. As well as various buddhas there are numerous bodhisatvas as well as saints, disciples, and other deities often derived from hindu deities.


Its only recently that I have started to visit buddhist sites, mainly for an interest in the statuary and other art.


I am beginning to recognize some of the figures, but the identity of others still eludes me.


It is my hope that one day I can return to kunisaki and follow the old pilgrim trail as there are for sure many wonders to be found off the beaten track.


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  1. What wonderful statues. Was that top one originally painted with that red or is it something else?