Monday, June 13, 2011

Kagura Interlude


Got the chance to see a little Iwami kagura when we were at the Shunki Taisa down in Tsuwano a few weeks ago. A group from Masuda were performing, and as I had never seen any kagura from this area I stopped in while Jinrin was being performed. This is Takamaru the aide to Tarashinakatsuhiko, the name of the "emperor" known posthumously as Chuai. They are the good guys.


The bad guys are a horde of demonic invaders from a "foreign" country led by Jinrin. In this dance there were just 2 demons, this one is not Jinrin.


A furious and frenetic battle ensues.....


Until evil is defeated by the good guys....


The next dance was Kakko, and he wore a style of mask I hadnt seen before.....

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  1. A feast for the eyes! Being a clothing designer myself, I just love looking at the costumes and the intricate fabrics. They're works of art.
    Have a great day!