Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lotus Blossom Viewing


Just got back from a visit to the Korakuen, one of the three top gardens in Japan. Located below Okayama castle in Okayama City, the lotus blossoms were on display for the hordes of photographers.


The lotus blossom is one of the most recognised Buddhist symbols and can be found in much Buddhist art. The pink blossoms represent the historical Buddha.


Lotus root is edible and can be found in Japanese cooking. Known as Renkon, it is good in soup or as tempura.


There was a second pond with white blossoms. In Buddhist symbolism they represent purity.


I find the leaves at least as interesting as the flowers.


  1. Fabulous, I would live to see these beautiful flowers but your photos are nearly as good, thank you.

  2. Beautiful... you can rely on nature to provide the moments of joy, and for people like yourself to capture and translate those moments for all of us. Love the colours, textures - but most of all your keen eye and camera-sense.

  3. Amazing! These are the kind of lotus pictures I've always wanted to take. I love them.