Friday, July 2, 2010

Hasedera Temple in Izumo

After passing through the Niomon (gate with guardian statues), the shady, banner-lined, path leads up to the main buildings of Hasedera.

Entrance to Hasedera temple in Izumo

When I was there a few weeks ago the shadows framed the statues of Kannon, which seemed very fitting as this is Temple number 1 on the 33 Temple Izumo Kannon Pilgrimage.

Pathway to Hasedera Main Hall

The main building was covered in strips of paper with what I guess to be prayers on them from pilgrims. I know very little about Buddhist practices and terminology in Japan.

Line of statues at Hasedera Temple

Hasedera belongs to the Koyasan Shingon sect, and I did read that it is the oldest temple in Taisha Town (the name now given to the town around Izumo Taisha, formerly known as Kitsuki.

Main Hall of Hasedera

There is a small shrine to Inari, though it may be Dakiniten, the Buddhist version of Inari.

Kannon in shadow

I like Hasedera. Its quiet, and in a natural setting. Its located west of Izumo Taisha, up a small valley from Inasa Beach.


  1. Beautiful photography, very evocative but also lovely images in their own right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Izumo Kannon Pilgrimage? I'll be there in 10 minutes...

  3. Hey Ted
    Not to be confused with the Chugoku 33 kannon pilgrimage.... been to about 25% of those.
    The izumo 33 looks like an easy 4 or 5 day walk

  4. You know me, any excuse for a good stroll...