Wednesday, July 14, 2010



It's been raining heavily for a couple of days, and yesterday I noticed the river was high, so last night as it continued to pour down all night I worried about my riverside garden flooding, like it did 4 years ago.
As soon as I got up I checked the small stream that runs through the hamlet. Normally this is virtually dry, but when it rains it runs quite heavily. This morning it didn't look bad. I've seen it a meter and a half deeper.
Down in the paddies, the lowest of them were flooded. Underneath the water is my neighbors rice.
Down at the riverside my garden is safe. The river was up to the edge of the bank, so my corn, millet, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and black beans were about a meter above the water.
100 meters downstream my neighbors were not so lucky... the gardens were under a meter of water. The community PA announces that the dam 30k upstream is going to release more water, followed by the siren. They expect the river to rise at least one more meter with the extra water. That should just about wash my garden away. The local rail line has closed due to a landslide upstream, and the police told me they are going to close Route 261 upstream aways .
The village is protected from the river flooding by the levee that route 261 travels over. To stop the river backing up through the stream, huge steel floodgates are closed. But, you may ask, what happens to the water coming down the mountains and through the village?
It backs up of course, which is why the paddies are starting to flood and people with low-lying gardens now have ponds.


  1. As sad and aggrevating as this must be, if any of you had scuba gear it may be an interesting adventure to poke around in people's submerged greenhouses.

  2. Been reading your blog all day. I think I'm up to March 2009.
    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about the flooding and your garden. Mother Nature is a bitch.