Sunday, July 4, 2010

Izumo Taisha JR Station

The old JR railway station at Taisha, on the main road leading to Izumo Taisha, is unusual in that it is built in traditional Japanese style rather than the hybrid of japanese and western styles that most stations of the period were built in.

It was built in 1924, architect unknown, to bring tourists and pilgrims to Izumo Taisha.

The line and the station were closed in 1990, but the station has been kept as a museum and attracts thousand of visitors. It is a registered Important Cultural Property.

The ticket office and station office contains mannequins dressed in period uniforms

and other items are also on display. Entrance is free.

Access to Izumo Taisha by rail now is via the Ichibata Electric Railways Taisha-Mae station on the same road as the old JR station but closer to the shrine itself.