Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flood update.

3pm and the river has come up over the bank and is inching its way towards my millet, chingensai, carrots, tomatoes, corn (what was looking to be my best ever harvest), butternut squash, sweet potatoes, black beans, taro, and peppers....
flood 8
5pm and the river has claimed my garden.
7pm and I am now an aquaculturist as my garden is covered with a meter of water that is flowing faster and faster. Bits of garden sheds from gardens upriver speed by on their way to the sea.
The village paddies behind the levee are getting deeper and deeper, though I am assured that the rice will survive and be fine. It continues to rain a little, but the rain here is not the problem. Hiroshima is getting heavier rains and half the watershed of the river is in Hiroshima, so it depends on releases from the dam upstream whether the river rises anymore. Tomorrow I will find out what, if anything, in my river garden has survived. My village garden is above the flooding so really its only half my garden that has been damaged, and once the river recedes it will leave behind a layer of rich silt for next years planting :)


  1. Oh my. What a shame after what I am sure was a lot of hard work and big hopes.

    I hope the houses are alright.


  2. I just read through your whole blog. Love it so much. Very interesting histories and beautiful photos. Makes my heart hurt to see your garden under water! I miss being able to plant like that. I live in New Orleans, LA now and nothing wants to grow here.
    I hope everyone stays safe from the flooding.

  3. Why wait till next year? :D Still have the putar, fabulous! Probably had more water last night, hope yous guys are dry.

  4. that's a bummer, i hope you can salvage something...i lost some corn the other night but in not nearly such a dramatic fashion...and i thought we were soggy up in ishikawa...