Friday, July 16, 2010

Hanging lunch out to dry


A common sight in fishing villages on the Iwami coast is squid hanging up to dry.


I believe Iwami exports a lot of squid to other parts of Japan.


Dried squid jerky is actually a tasty snack with beer. I often take along some when I am hiking.


The squid boats use very bright lights to fool the squid into thinking its a full moon when they rise to the surface to mate.

The lamps are so bright that they can be seen through cloud cover when flying over Shimane at night.


The strangest looking one I ever saw was on one of the Oki Islands. This one had been preserved and was hanging in front of a seafood restaurant.


  1. Hmmm - i don't know whether to be grossed out (especially by the last photo) or seriously hungry. But what I really wanted to know was how the flooding was going? Sorry to see the garden go under... but if it makes you feel better, you might be getting a whole new heap of top-soil... or losing it.

    From an Australian perspective... we'd kill for this kind of rain in our summers. We're just coming out of a prolonged drought now, where we had water restrictions that meant you had to water your garden with a bucket!... and could only use a hose one day a week (and that was after the restriction was eased).

    Still - you can get too much of a good thing!

  2. Hi Ben
    Surprisingly the garden seems to have survived. 1 and a half meters of water was the peak then it went down by the next morning. Last flood must have been much higher as the garden that time was completely washed away...

  3. Whoever originally thought that squid might be edible had a lot more imagination than I. And, as usual, your imaginative photography makes these most repulsive (sorry) of animals into something of beauty.

  4. nice pics Jake, such dried squids are very popular in Asian dishes actually

  5. not a fan of squid myself, but that last one looks like the flying spaghetti monster