Friday, August 29, 2008

Monkey raid

Monkey Raid

November Harvest Persimmons, Japan.
Sitting at my computer yesterday I heard a rustle in the persimmon tree just outside the screen door. An adult monkey had jumped into the tree to try and grab some unripe persimmons. As I moved to grab my camera he jumped back onto the fence. There were 4 other monkeys sitting on the fence, and as I went outside to try and get some photos they jumped down and ran back into the forest. The leader sat on the fence and watched me. There are between 20 and 30 monkeys in the troop that live on my mountain. This was a raiding party of adults, no children. On the topic of monkeys allows me to post some photos I took while in the mountains of Miyajima. The deer is being preened by the monkey, probably for lice or some other such tasty morsel. A fine example of mutual assistance.

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  1. Good job getting the photos!!! You're much better than I am at it. Also love the stare-down with the pack leader--I've tried it myself.

    Here's a link to the recent post I wrote about "Monkeys on the move"