Friday, August 15, 2008

Bon Odori

The population of the village has doubled in the past few days. This is O Bon, somewhat similar to the Mexican Day of the Dead, the time that the spirits of the ancestors return to their earthly homes. There is a mass exodus from the cities as children, and grandchildren, return to their home villages. Gravestones have been washed and cleaned, and in our village a matsuri is held.

Bonodori 1

There are food stalls, games, and of course. kagura. First off the kids performed a couple of dances, then it was time for the village group to dance.

bonodori 2

The Ebisu dance is always popular at matsuri's, as he throws bucketfulls of candy out to the kids in the audience.

bonodori 3

And of course the Yamata no Orichi dance where Susano battles the eight-headed serpent.

bonodori 4

But the main event of the night is the Bon Odori. Every region has their own version of the dance, but it usually involves the villagers dancing in a circle around a central platform that holds the drummer and singers.


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