Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Kojiro Shrine


Kojiro is located on the north coast of the Shimbara Peninsula in Nagasaki, and I visited after crossing Isahaya Bay on the modern dyke.

On the hilltop overlooking the small town are a pair of shrines, Kojiro Shrine and an Inari Shrine.

The Inari shrine was founded in 1757. The Kojiro shrine was probably founded in the early 17th century as it stands at the spot where Tsurukame Castle's main tower stood.

Tsurukame Csstle measured 350 meters by 450 meters and was considered impregnable by attacking forces.

It was demolished when the daimyo were forced to have only one castle per domain.

I believe Kojiro shrine enshrines a member of the Nabeshima Clan who were given the domain, and also Sugawara Michizane. There is not one single piece of the castle to be seen, though there is a samurai district down below where I was headed next.

The previous post was on the Isahaya Bay Dyke.


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