Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Enmeiji Temple 65 Kyushu Pilgrimage


Enmeiji is temple number 65 on the Kyushu 108 temple Shingon Pilgrimage.

It is located near the famous Megane Bridge in Teramachi, Nagasaki City, between Kofukuji Temple, the famous Chinese temple, and Kotaiji.

It is also on the Nagasaki Shikoku Pilgrimage and the Kyushu Kannon Pilgrimage.

The honzon is a Dainichi Nyorai, and the temple belongs to the Omuro sect of Shingon.

It was founded in 1616 by a monk from what is now Okayama.

In the early 20th century the temple began offering welfare services to the elderly and now operates a large nursing home in the grounds.

I visited in mid February, 2014, on day 60 of my walk along the pilgrimage.

The previous post in this series was on Kotaiji Temple next door.

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