Thursday, September 21, 2023

Kuniga Coast


The Kuniga Coast is a picturesque piece of coastline on Nishinoshima Island in the Oki Island group in the Sea of Japan off of Shimane.

The Oki Islands were made a Unesco Global Geopark and are one of my favorite places to visit in Japan.

The Kuniga coast includes cliffs, rock spires and formations, and the Tsutenkyo Arch.

These shots were taken from a distance as we headed to the north coast of the island. later I will post more photos when we went back and explored the area on foot.

The previous post in this series on the Oki Islands was on the horses and cattle roaming free across the island.


  1. Looks amazing, I've added this to my list of places to visit! When would you recommend visiting to avoid the crowds? A particular month, day of the week, or time of day?

    1. Not sure the Okis ever get crowded..... school holidays may be busier than usual though..... one of my favorite places in japan.... click on the "oki" label at the bottom of the post