Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Hita Gion Matsuri Museum

Hita Gion Matsuri Museum

Hita Gion Matsuri Museum.

Hita, the historic town in the mountains of Oita, is one of many towns throughout Japan with their own Gion Matsuri, the festival that originated in Gion, Kyoto.

Hita Gion Matsuri Museum.

The festival takes place at the end of July, but for those who visit at other times there is a museum that displays the large festival floats throughout the year.


Like many matsuri, the Gion Matsuri involves a series of floats, and they are called Yamaboko because of how tall they are.


Hita has six different yamaboko, each one pulled by a different district of the town, and they are 8 meters tall and very colorfully decorated.

As well as the floats the museum also displays other things from the festival culture,  like masks

I arrived at the museum just after it closed but a gentleman from city hall nagged the old lady in charge to let me in for my own private viewing.