Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Myo-o-ji Temple 95 on the Kyushu Pilgrimage

Myo-o-ji Temple 95

Alsoknown as Tansofudosonmyoo Temple, Myo-o-ji is number 95 on the Kyushu ilgrimage and the reason I was in Hita on the 53rd day of my walk.

It was established here in the 1890's after being transferred from Nakatsu. A local priest had walked the Shikoku pilgrimage and was inspired to set up a temple, but at that time it was illegal to establish a new Buddhist temple.

The solution was to transfer an existing temple from somewhere else. It is not clear if any actual structure was transferred, or even if the honzon was transferred. Sometimes just the name of a temple was transferred.

The honzon is a Fudo Myo-o and therefore they conduct goma rituals here.

In the second photo is a shrine to Mizuko Kuyo, primarilydevoted to prayers for aborted children.

There was a great painting of what I believe is not Fudo, but a different Myo-o. Not sure ecxactly which of the Wisdom Kings it is as they appear in many forms, but it may well be Gozanze, though it could be Godari.

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