Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Hita Preservation District in 2D


A series of photos taken in the historical preservation district in Hita, Oita, that focus on two-dimensional composition. Similar to the recent post I did on Omori.

Traditional Japanese architecture offers a variety of pleasing proportions and textures.

Juxtaposing with  natural forms.......

Sometimes a simple, repetitive pattern works..... this is in front of a museum of the local matsuri which I will cover in a future post....

Existing artwork and advertising is often a good subject. One wonders what a compulsory fire might be.

Many times property owners create their own aesthetic arrangements.....

A fundamental function of the photographer is to choose where to place the frame.....

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  1. Really like these photos. It is hard to pick a favorite, maybe the one with there tree in front.

  2. Thanks for sharing these views of Japan and the Japanese way of life, really interesting.

  3. I pick one post every so often (too much work including e-mails...) and stay subscribed because it's so fascinating to me... Thanks for continuously picturing this culture in your own artistic way, Jake!

  4. very informative collection!
    thanks so much !