Friday, February 4, 2022

Kasai Residence & Garden

Kasai Residence & Garden

Takehara, on the coast of Hiroshima, is one of those towns with a well-preserved section of the old town that have been recognized as preservation districts.

Some of the old buildings are open to the public. Earlier I posted about the Morikawa Residence and its garden.

I'm pretty sure this is the former Kasai Residence, a well-to-do merchant family, though not as wealthy as the Morikawas

I came late to an appreciation of traditional Japanese architecture and gardens, and so I didn't take as many photos nor notice so much back when I visited Takehara.

Most visitors pass through Takehara on their way to visit Rabbit Island", a mecca for those seeking cute. For those with those who appreciate the traditional, Takehara offers a combined ticket which gives reduced entry prices to several of the old houses in the town.

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