Friday, April 8, 2011

Children's Inari Shrine


The 4th shrine I visited on my walk around Matsue was yet another Inari Shrine, knowns as the Children's Inari. It is well known mainly due to the writings of Lafcadio Hearn.


It was built by the Lord of Matsue as a subsidiary shrine of the Jozan Inari within the nearby castle grounds and he named it Komori Shrine which means child guardian.


In Hearns day mothers would come here to ask for help with their children that refused to take baths or have their heads shaved.


Nowadays those two problems are rare but parents leave prayers for any kind of problems they are having with their children, most often illness.


There is a smaller Inari shrine just behind the main building. There are many Inaris. According to the signboard at the shrine the main kami is listed as Uganomitama, the female as opposed to the more usual male Ukanomiama.


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