Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Kojin of Takeuchi Shrine


I have posted before about the wonderful straw effigies of the land kami Kojin. Not far from the Adakaya Shrine effigies there is another big shrine, Takeuchi, and here I found some unusal ones as they are sculpted in stone, not made of straw.


At first I wasnt sure they were Kojin, I thought they may have been Ryujin, the dragon god, but I checked with the shrine priest and he confirmed they were Kojin.


They were carved directly out of large boulders and seemed to grow out of them.


In the Izumo area Kojin is a very widespread and popular kami, basically being the local kami of land. In my area of Iwami the similar kami goes by the name of Omoto.


  1. oh, they are marvellous, truly a part of the stone. Thank you for your posts I enjoy each and every one.

  2. You seriously have no idea how much inspiration your blog gives me (mostly because I lurk). But seriously this amazing to look at.

  3. Thank you both. Your feedback is encouraging. Once I get back from vacation I will start posting again