Monday, September 6, 2010

Tarumi Shrine


Tarumi Shrine is a fairly standard village shrine located in Kawashima, the fishing village at the base of the mountains below Gakuen-Ji.

I once spent a night onboard a small yacht in Hawashima harbor during a typhoon.... but thats another story.


Izumo-style komainu are recognizable by their stance,... with their butts in the air.

The main kami of the shrine is Tagitsuhime, one of the 3 Munakata Sisters. Daughters of Susano, they were protective deities of the sea journey between North Kyushu and the Korean Peninsular, and so have associations with protection at sea.

I have visited the head shrine of Tagitsuhime, on the small island of Oshima just off the coast at Munakata.

her name seems to be derived from "rough water"


There is a secondary shrine to Inari, and a small Aragami shrine.



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