Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kibi Bike Path


The Kibi Bike Path is a 15k, well signed, and very popular bike and walking path that crosses part of the Kibi Plain in southern Okayama. Bicycles can be rented at either end of the path, JR Soja Station in the west, or JR Bizen Ichinomiya Station in the east. The bikes can be dropped off at either end.


For those unfortunate enough to live in or be visiting the large cities of Japan the path offers an easy way to experience a semi-rural environment. The rental bikes are gearless, but the path is almost completely flat.


Much of the route is through rice paddies and there are shrines and temples in abundance.


There are also a lot of "kofun", burial mounds, indicating the areas importance in prehistorical times. Some of the tombs are open for entry to see the stone coffins.


If one wants to venture a little off the path itself there is a lot more stuff to see.


I will be posting on various of tye sights during the next few weeks.


  1. This looks like a great time to do the bike path with all the greenery (summer?) but we will be in the area during winter (February) from what you know of the area would this bike ride still be possible if we dress warm? Am I right that this is an area like Kyoto city that would rarely get snow?

  2. Chances are it would be good weather in Feb. Okayama is the sunniest part of Honshu and warmer than Kyoto....might be rainy.... might get a little snow, but more than probably not too cold