Saturday, September 11, 2010

Otoshi Shrine, Inome


The Otoshi Shrine in Inome, a fishing village on the coast directly north of Izumo Taisha, is unusual in that it has a double honden. Double hondens will often enshrine a male-female pair of kami, but in this case both hondens enshrine the same kami, Otoshi. One is called upper shrine and the other lower shrine, so I am guessing that originally they were seperate shrines.


Otoshi is a son of Susano and is associated, like his brother Ukanomitama, with grains.

Like his father, and many of the older kami, Otoshi had a multitude of "wives" and produced an inordinate number of offspring. Many of Otoshi's offspring are kami that have strong associations with immigrant groups.



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