Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Solitary Japanese Bicycles 2


Some more portraits of solitary Japanese bicycles. This one was in Tsunozu, Gotsu, Shimane.


The Japanese word for bicycle is "jitensha", but this style, by far the most common in Japan, is known as "Mama Chari" from mama's Chariot. This one was at a shrine in Waki, Gotsu, Shimane

Though ostensibly designed for mothers to carry kids and shopping, the mamachari is used by all ages and genders. This one is on the shore at Tatimigaura, Shimoko, Shimane.


prices range from $100-$200, so they are considered disposable. Cheaper to dump and buy a new one than to maintain and repair. This one is in front of a sake brewery in Yunotsu, Shimane.


"Serious" cyclists por scorn on mama charis, but then anyone who wears spandex and those dorky helmets has no right to make fun of anything. This one is in Tomonoura, Hiroshima.


This final one obviously belongs to a kagura dancer or fan. I found it in Nagahama, Hamada, Shimane.

Solitary Japanese Bicycles 1 has some other pics.


  1. Beautiful photographs. One of the many things I liked about Japan when I visited was that so many people rode bicycles.

  2. Good idea for a photo collection. I always see tons of bikes every where. You are RIGHT about the spandex! ha ha ha.

  3. Love these! Reminded me of businesswomen riding to work in Kyoto in the rain, holding open umbrellas. Wonder how they manage to do that!