Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nichihara Town

A  walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7124

This is the second manhole cover design from the small town of Nichihara (now merged with Tsuwano) in western Shimane. The first design is here. Nichihara is home to an observatory, built in 1985, it had one of the largest lenses in japan, but is no longer very popular.

A  walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7131

There are lots of old. decaying buildings,....

A  walk from Tsuwano to Masuda 7132

...and the streams running into the Takatsu River are well controlled, but not home to much wildlife...

Nearby is the largest tree in Shimane

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  1. I just posted the pic of a manhole cover on my blog and was looking for the english vocabulary for it. I found it with your blog. thanks :-)