Monday, June 29, 2009

NTT Docomo, Chugoku Head Office, Yamaguchi City

One day in Yamaguchi City 5968

Yamaguchi City is a prefectural capital, but it is the smallest in Japan, and has a feel more like a large town rather than a city.

One day in Yamaguchi City 5970

There is very little in the way of modern architecture other than a cluster of NTT buildings.

One day in Yamaguchi City 5972

Yamaguchi City does have lots of interesting places to visit though.

One day in Yamaguchi City 5973

I've been a bit lax with posting recently as I have been really busy. The onset of the rains means I should have more time now ....

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  1. I was here in 1954 and it didn't look anything like this.