Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rice Planting!.... the musical!

The third post on the Tauebayashi Matsuri we went to on Sunday. This time a look at the musicians who play the worksong during the rice planting.


This character has no name, though he is wearing a Hyottoko mask. He keeps time for the music with a pair of small "changara", which is the local name for small hand cymbals.


There is a single flute player in the ensemble, and a group of 3 kodaiko players. The kodaiko is carried vertically and only the top is hit.


There is one player of the dora, a kind of bell/gong.


Most of the musicians play the okedo taiko, and it provides the meat of the sound. It is carried horizontally and both heads are struck.


For the first half of the planting the music was performed by the childrens ensemble, playing a smaller okedo taiko.


A short video of the lead singer.


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