Sunday, June 14, 2009

Korean Music (part 1)

Just got from a great weekend in Seoul, my first time in Korea, and was really impressed with the hospitality. This first video was shot at Incheon Airport, where numerous areas around the airport provide glimpses of traditional Korean culture.


I'm not sure what this instrument is called, though it seems to be a type of harp. The flute the other musician was playing was very long.


After the concert there was a free class in using the korean flute, which was more like a recorder. After the class we all got to keep the flute!! A nice little extra that shows a commitment to tourism that Japan could learn from if it was really serious about increasing international tourism.


  1. Those sounds are really enjoyable. Where could you find such performances ? I did not see during my visit.

  2. Really great photos and instruments. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. My japanese friend called this kind of harp "korean koto" when we went to South Korea together. Nice shots.

  4. The stringed, harp-like instrument is called a gayageum.

    Um, Arnaud, over here in Seoul we refer to a koto as a Japanese gayageum ... hehe.

    So sorry we missed each other, Jake. Let me buy dinner next time you're in town - and I'll come to your hotel so no one needs to wonder where the other one is, okay?

  5. hey Bob... thanks.
    I'm sure the Chinese refer to it another way :)
    Any idea who those 2 guys in the next post were?

  6. I think I might have been out drinking soju with those fellas a few nights ago ... but if I admit to that, my wife's going to seriously worry about what kind of bars I'm hanging out in when I tell her I need to go out at 1AM help a sick friend.

    Let's change the subject, shall we?

  7. Instrument in the first picture is called "Gayagum".