Monday, April 27, 2009

Typical Japanese Landscape 19


Most Japanese have lived along the coasts or on the plains, but there have always been some who lived deep in the mountains. The above shot is near Yasaka in Iwami. Iwami has no plains, so more people have traditionally lived in the mountains, but the number is decreasing.


This shot is from central Shikoku.

The people I have met while walking in the mountains have always been a little friendlier than most Japanese. Maybe I'm projecting, but they also seem to be a little more independant.


  1. Your new pic's of the mountains with habitation are great to see. I've been making sumi images of imagionary Japanese mountain landscapes and after seeing your photos there very similar.If you would like to see images of them I would be happy to send. I'm sharing your great blog with a friend. Bob

  2. Nice shots.

    As for people in the mountains being friendlier, my experiences also indicate the same, but this is on the outside - a social requirement. In our village, and especially deeper in the mountains, even outsiders (Japanese folk from the city) who have lived there for 30 years are still not allowed to own a piece of mountain - despite the fact that so much of it is being left untended.

    Even outsiders who married in from the next hamlet (men who move into his wife's home), even if it is only an hour walk away, are treated differently and do not have all the rights of the "natives", despite having lived there most of their life.

    I like to try to believe that people are nicer in the mountains simply because life is better there and they are happier :)

  3. Hi Bob
    Thanks for your comments...
    sure,.. send them... would love to see them...