Friday, April 17, 2009

Jitensha. Solitary Japanese bicycles



Sunday Sun8704


Sand Museum9511

An Afternoon in Kyoto4594


  1. Love the third and last photo. Very cool.

  2. The proper term for these kind of bikes is a "safety frame" bike.Very sad to see the shaft drive one rusting away in the water.This style of bike is starting to make a comeback in North America mainly for urban short trip useage.Where I live in Canada something similar to the second from the top will cost you about $600.00.Made in China of course.Is there a bike racing track anywhere near you Ojisanjake? I have a link to "Shikoku Keirin" racing on Lee 1.It's a challenge trying to get around the site but I manage. cjg of eroticalee

  3. Hi cjg
    You're right... mostly they are used by housewives and schoolkids. They are a lot cheaper here, probably due to the volume sold. No, no bike racing near here... too far from the cities.