Friday, April 10, 2009

Mizunokuni: the Art (inside)


Continuing on the theme of my favorite museum, Mizunokuni, here are a selection of the artworks that can be found inside.


Many provincial museums in Japan have interesting (and expensive) architecture, but contain weak or thin collections. Mizunokuni's collection is large, diverse, and I would guess expensive, though it is hard to discern the connection to water with some of the art!


A lot of the art, like this sculpture, is kinetic. All these little "aquanauts" are moving.


The nicest thing about Mizunokuni is that it is empty most days so you can wander at your leisure and not have to worry about crowds. It is empty because the museum is in the middle of nowhere, with no public transport, and almost no advertising.

A morning at the water museum 9296

This piece on the lower-level is a huge bar of iron immersed in water encased in a clear perspex block that extends from the inside, through the glass wall to the outside.

A morning at the water museum 9291

This final piece is actually a 3D model, set inside a case with a small viewing window to keep the illusion.

A morning at the water museum 9268

Museum 104, or its more common name "Mizunokuni" is open from 9 to 5, Thursdays through Mondays. Entrance 400yen per adult, 200yen for kids.

Mizunokuni is located on Rte 261 along the Gonokawa River, about 25 kilometres upstream from Gotsu. There is a JR station about 2k away at Shikaga.

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  1. とても面白そうです。見てみたい!Thanks for letting us know that there are museums like this.