Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mizunokuni (inside)


Continuing on from yesterdays post on my favorite museum, today we go inside.


The first room inside the main building is a 4-story deep chamber with a spiral ramp running around the exterior and various openings looking into the space which is a multi-media environment that is a cloud chamber. At the top of the space are chutes and each day lumps of ice are placed in them. As they gradually melt the water falls as "rain" and react with devices on the floor that trigger various lights and sounds.


Just about every aspect of this museum has really nice touches. Even the benches continue with the water theme.


After passing through a couple of galleries we come to the science of water interaction zone, a kind of mini science museum with all kinds of contraptions and devices to explore the properties of water, even a couple of water-powered musical instruments.


At the end of the building is a large dome.

richard5356Align Center

Inside of which is another kinetic light and sound environment with the perfect acoustics of the dome.

A morning at the water museum 9276

Continuously while walking through the museum and grounds the distinction between inside and outside wavers and often lacks a distinct boundary.

A morning at the water museum 9319

It's one place in japan I've found where modern architecture and concrete really feels like it has adopted and adapted to traditional Japanese aesthetics, as with the small garden viewable from the cafe.

Museum 104, or its more common name "Mizunokuni" is open from 9 to 5, Thursdays through Mondays. Entrance 400yen per adult, 200yen for kids.

Mizunokuni is located on Rte 261 along the Gonokawa River, about 25 kilometres upstream from Gotsu. There is a Jr station about 2k away at Shikaga.


  1. This place is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. that is reaaly beatiful.
    thank you very much for sharing with me.