Monday, September 22, 2008

Kansai International Airport (check in)

One night in Kansai Airport 4023

The main terminal building at Kansai International Airport opened in 1994. Designed by Renzo Piano, its designed in the shape of a wing.

One night in Kansai Airport 4035
Built on a man-made island, at the staggering cost 0f 15 billion dollars, the terminal feels light and airy and spacious, and this is somewhat due to the design, but also due to the fact that it is not a very busy airport.

One night in Kansai Airport 4043

Landing fees are very high, and with the recent increase in fuel costs the number of flights continue to decrease. Though I don't travel often, I have spent a lot of time in airports, and KIX, is the most comfortable I've encountered yet.

One night in Kansai Airport 4030

Giant funnels blow air up to the roof, and the air then circulates naturally, driving giant mobiles.

One night in Kansai Airport l4027

I've spent several nights at KIX waiting for early morning flights, and it's been very comfortable. Everything closes down for the night except a new 24-hour Internet cafe, The Kankyu Lounge.


  1. To be precise KIX opened on September 4th., 1994. I flew in there with the first JAL flight 113. The first day, the airport was exclusively for passengers and reporters but it was so crowded.

  2. Hi Ken

    You must be rich to be able to afford JAL prices :)