Friday, September 19, 2008

Kinnyamonya Matsuri


This draincover is from the island of Ama, one of the Oki Islands lying off the coast of Shimane. It depicts 2 villagers dancing at the annual Kinnyamonya matsuri, the largest matsuri on Ama.

Among the many matsuri activities is a dance with more than 1,000 people that includes banging rice spoons.


The Oki Islands were a place of exile, and are still removed from mainstream Japan. The people are very friendly, the waters around the islands are clear, clean, and beautiful, and life there is slow and relaxing. It's one of my favorite places in Japan.


  1. Unnecessary information : "げすいどう", written on the disk, is "the sewer" :-)

  2. Nice photograph of the Oki islands !! So close, but yet so far.


  3. Not so far.... the fast boat is only 1 hour from Sakaiminato or Matsue...
    There are a few flights too... but I suspect like most domestic flights in Japan very expensive.

  4. When I went to Oki (Apr.'75), the islands were cloud-wrapped, but the sea was very rough. All night long, directly below the room where I tried to sleep, fishermen drank, wailed and played mahjong. Breakfast was extremely fishy and draped in seaweed. I picked up some pebbles in a cove and still treasure them; they always bring back for me the mixed memories that your photo-piece just jogged. White, white horses take me away ...

  5. Hi Stephen..... when the sun shines the Oki's are wonderful.... the water is so clear.... all the food we ate there on both trips was excellent.