Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Omori in 2D


Most the photos in the previous post on Omori used perspective quite strongly.

For this series, I want to concentrate more on flat, two-dimensional compositions.

Traditional Japanese architecture  tends to have quite pleasing proportions and ratios, as well as combinations and contrasts of differing texture. and I think this is true of many traditional architectures around the world.

The vast majority of new Jaoanese houses are quite ugly.

Another thing that contributes to this flat, geometric comosition is the decoration done by the inhabitants of a building.

Sometimes these are quite formal and follow a rigid set of rules.

At other times they can be quite individualistic and idiosyncratic.


  1. "The vast majority of new Japanese houses are quite ugly"

    That's true, but in Taiwan they're considered much more attractive than the typical Taiwanese home, which tends to be a hideous-looking concrete box. All things are relative...