Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oharahachiman Shrine

Oharahachiman is located not far from the Obasenishikodai-mae train station in Kanda, near Kokura, Kitakyushu. Where this first torii now stands was once the seashore. Now the sea is a couple of k away.

Being early in the new year the banners were up and both the long approach road and the shrine precincts were lined with lanterns.

Though named a hachiman shrine, it is not related to all the other hachiman shrines. The main kami is not Emperor Ojin, but Oharanosukune. Sukune was a name/title that kind of means "land creator" and he is considered to be an ancient leader in the Fukuoka region.

It is obviously a very popular shrine in the region for all kinds of benefits, easy childbirth, wealth, driving safety, etc etc. Being new year it was still all decorated and various good luck charms and such were on sale.....


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