Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kasuga Shrine, Yukuhashi

On my way out of Yukuhashi, heading towards the coast, I stopped in at a small local shrine whose entrance beckoned me.

Shrines are great stopping places on walks.... a quiet space away from traffic, and often with something to see in terms of statuary, carvings etc.

This one is a Kasuga Shrine, a branch of the famous Kasuga Taisha up in Nara, and therefore enshrining the same gods.

It has obviously been rebuilt quite recently. One thing I am always on the lookout for at shrines are the komainu, as their designs are quite varied. This shrine had quite nice elephant carvings.


  1. Many thanks as always for the virtual tour through Japan. One small point: it's not an elephant carving, but a mythical Chinese animal called 'baku' which devours bad dreams. It's a composite creature, like the dragon, and has an elephant-shaped head but the rest of it is taken from other animals.

  2. Yes, quite nice elephant carving!